Introducing Shawn May

Adam Deshawn Hall Jr. (born November 20, 1997), better known as Shawn May, is a young American lyricist and songwriter from Cleveland, OH. His first mixtape, The UNmastered Mixtape, gained attention because of the lyrics he spit yet the low quality sound. His Gratitude EP got some notice on iTunes.

May was a member of the rap collective Indigo Squad, along with rap mates Xander (Ishai) and Dizz. He’s known for his apathetic nature to major subjects of society. Most people say he’s a young Kendrick Lamar in the making.

He calls himself The Weirdo Rapper since many would consider his style of rapping weird. He has a movement called #EffTypical which basically means be yourself, don’t follow no one else. His wordplay, genuine storytelling and his effective references to cartoons displays his talent as a future big name.