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Cam24/7 - Workin'4 Ur Love (Remix)

Cam24/7 – Workin’4 Ur Love (Remix)

Cam24/7 presenting his single, 'Workin'4 Ur Love (Remix)' Cam24/7 is a singer, songwriter, producer out of Palm Beach County Florida. Belle Glade Florida . PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM 
Kanova - Miami

Kanova – Miami

Kanova drops his new single titled, 'Miami' Kanova is a young emergent florentine/italian rapper. He's experimenting a new sound mixed with hiphop, rap, pop, and with a lot of melodies...
Savy Too Saucy - Happy

Savy Too Saucy – Happy

Savy Too Saucy is a talented artist from Riverside, California. He has released another single titled "Happy". Savy Too Saucy is gaining a lot of momentum on Spotify and...
Nichelle Colvin - Decompressor

Nichelle Colvin – Decompressor

Nichelle Colvin drops her new single titled, 'Decompressor' Nichelle reigns from Hometown Gary, Indiana and tributes this project to them. This is her second project that she talks about her...
Todd Herfindal - Fate

Todd Herfindal – Fate

Billboard-charting artist Todd Herfindal is back with his ripping new single "Fate." From the new 12 song LP "Two Track Mind," out now! https://open.spotify.com/track/4Ft0v7VMjUWBMT40J1t4FR?si=upmhJMdXR-eqOeIvoV0sCw FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM...
Kidd Kaz - Hentai!

Kidd Kaz – Hentai!

Kidd Kaz presenting his single, 'Hentai!' I go by Kidd Kaz. (Kaz for short I guess..) 17 y/o, I’m very versatile and I like to mix and incorporate all different types...
Rejeneration - Clowns (feat. Solo)

Rejeneration – Clowns (feat. Solo)

Rejeneration proudly presenting new single titled, 'Clowns' featuring Solo The hip-hop industry is consumed with rhetoric related to guns, drugs, sex, and general violence. Rejeneration's new single, "Clowns" aims to...
Balyztyk - Gang Gang

Balyztyk – Gang Gang

Balyztyk to introduce new single, “Gang Gang.” Balyztyk is a perfect example of what it takes to make great hip-hop music in 2019. Today, the genre is not about getting...
Chuck Uzi - Phoenix

Chuck Uzi – Phoenix

Chuck Uzi presents his latest release titled, 'Phoenix' If You’ve Been Facing Adversity Overcoming battles and struggles, this album will feel like your comeback story full of melodic vibes heavy...
Mixx Montana - Still 2 Bloody

Mixx Montana – Still 2 Bloody

Mixx Montana drops his latest album, 'Still 2 Bloody' Mixx Montana Is An Independent Artist From North Carolina. He Has Proven To Be One Of The Hottest MCs Coming Out...

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