DhD – Dirt Road (feat. Bubba SparxxX, Bezz Believe & Mr. Flip)

Get ready to hit the dirt road with DhD’s latest track, “Dirt Road,” featuring the iconic Bubba Sparxxx, the dynamic Bezz Believe, and the versatile Mr. Flip. This powerhouse collaboration brings together a unique blend of country rap and hip-hop vibes, creating an electrifying anthem that celebrates life off the beaten path. With infectious beats and memorable lyrics, “Dirt Road” is set to resonate with fans who appreciate authenticity and a rebellious spirit. Dive into our blog post to explore the story behind the song, the artists’ inspiration, and what makes this track a must-listen.

New DhD featuring southern rap legend Bubba SparxxX (Timbaland), Bezz Believe (BWA) & Mr. Flip (Head Hunter/Floss Records). Executive Producer: King Killumbia.

Available now on: my.bio/dirtroad

Executively Produced by: King Killumbia
2024 Killumbia Inc. Records

@StayLitDusty @BubbaMathis @Bezz Believe @MrFlip43