BROWN ON THE BEATS, the rising star of hip-hop, just released his new single “Top of the World” on May 5, 2023.

he song is a tribute to the golden era of hip-hop, with nostalgic elements woven into the beats while keeping it fresh and current. With a euphoric and uplifting beat, “Top of the World” is poised to become an instant classic. BROWN ON THE BEATS has always been known for his musical prowess, and “Top of the World” showcases his talents in full force. The smooth flow and resonating vocals of the song will make it a favorite among listeners of all ages. As BROWN ON THE BEATS states, “This is the song that revived hip-hop.””Top of the World” is a true hip-hop anthem that captures the essence of the genre’s early days while adding a modern twist. The song’s infectious beat and uplifting lyrics will have listeners nodding their heads and feeling inspired. It’s the perfect song for anyone who’s ever had a dream and wanted to chase it to the top of the world.

BROWN ON THE BEATS is excited to share “Top of the World” with the fans and the wider hip-hop community. The song is a testament to his love for the genre and his commitment to keeping it alive and thriving. With “Top of the World,” BROWN ON THE BEAT is sure to cement their place as one of the most exciting artists in hip-hop today