Emaculant AKA Nem~esis

Emaculant AKA Nem~esis is making moves with his real lyrical rap music. Not influenced by the false music the majors are pumping, that is portraying ignorance. He has built up a catalog of over 2200 songs written, 111 songs published, 1 EP, (on iTunes, google play, amazon etc). As well as built up almost a million song plays, and views on reverberation, and has been number 1 in florida for 4 yrs, ranked 8th globally in all genres.

He has also under his alias Nem~esis captured the number 1 spot in california in just 3 weeks. With over 134 thousand followers on twitter, over 34 articles written on him, and a social media klout higher then 90 percent of major artist, and selling more then most, Emaculant is more then just a brand or owner of MICCLUB RECORDS, and signed to ASIAM RECORDS, he’s a movement.