Introducing Realcrislaw

Cris Law also known as Chris Miller was born in Trenton, New Jersey moved to Atlanta at the age of 11 and been there since. His music journey began at the age of 5 when he taught himself how to play the drums that was just the beginning for his drum skills will take him to start playing in his school band advancing his musical talents.

Music runs in his family so it was only a matter of time before Chris took it up on his shoulders. His mother played piano and was a singer, his brother who was Chris’ idle played the piano at a young age as well, and his uncle played bells and xylophone leaving Chris to play the drums.

In middle school he started to right his music and express himself by words. Every line he wrote you could relate to everything that he said. By 9th grade he got his first microphone and everything he put on paper he could release on track. Improving everyday with his musical skills his fans grew.

He performed first at school with a song called “Hating on me” and with every song that Chris performed his fan base grew. He has performed at many clubs throughout Atlanta and also opened up for Dondria at her hosted events who is signed with SoSo Def. Cris Law has performed in states/cities such as NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA as well. His music is being played all over Toronto, Canada on Star Lite Radio; which is an online radio station which headquarters in Toronto.

With his diverse and versatile rapping he is skilled to deliver in genres such as Hip-Hop, Gospel Hip-Hop, and R&B. He has had several companies offer his a record deal thinking that Chris had no lawyer to view the fine lines and with that being said, Chris has turned down 3 deals. Currently Cris Law is under management with 710 Entertainment and they are searching for the right deal for Chris.
What keeps Chris so motivated is God, family, and people who do the same line of work as him.

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