Introducing Jake Aldridge

Unsigned Artist Turns Down Record Deal

The future is bright for 27 year old Jake Aldridge, who has come a long way from his humble beginnings in the world of music as he announces his new single, Where Do We Go is set for release as a free download via SoundCloud.

Starting out ten years ago with a £12 microphone and a pop shield made from a sock, Jake has had to learn from the roots of the industry as his introduction to his music career came about rather unexpectedly.

After losing his father when Jake was 11 years old, he turned to his diary as a way to cope with his grief. He found he could rhyme words which turned in to short raps that he eventually plucked up the courage to perform in front of his friends.

Jake Aldridge has now racked up 100,000 plays online and has worked with some top names in the industry to write and produce music that has an RnB-meets-Hip-Hop sound. His new single features Lisa Ambrose, who won the ‘Battle Of The Bands’ singing competition in 2008, resulting in her opening up for Mark Ronson.

Jake has achieved national and international radio plays including his latest release, which was aired on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape. His music is now playing on four British television channels as he recently signed a publishing deal with Leopard Music. Jake was recently offered a recording contract from a label in the U.S, but defended his decision to turn it down.

“The deal just wasn’t right for me. I know a lot of artist’s will probably call me a fool for turning down a deal and then releasing tracks for free. The truth is, I’d rather earn nothing for music which I enjoy making and am proud of, than make a killing from music which I couldn’t stand or was embarrassed by. I have to LOVE it myself before I can put it out. Going it alone means that I get to make all the decisions.”