Introducing Black Earl

From Eunice, LA, he is a humble 27yr old Hip Hop/Rap Artist ready to captivate the world with his smooth, melodic flow. Simply put, he is Black Earl. Average hard-working father of a 2 year old son. As a child, Black Earl’s mother sang in the church choir. Quickly he developed an interest for music. Playing in the band all through school gave him a 6th sense in music of all sorts. He has considered himself a rap lyricist since the age of fifteen.

With collaborations on “Who Dat” and “I’m the S#!+” that he devoured, to his “Lose My Cool” and his most popular collab, thus far, “Catch Ure Breath,” Black Earl is an up and coming artist to keep your eyes and ears open for.

In May 2014, everything Black Earl had been working hard to obtain finally came to pass. He saw this as his opportunity to show everyone just exactly what he was made of. Black Earl is one of the newest artists signed by Metal 2 Music Entertainment Management to Metal 2 Music Records. In less than a month, he has dropped two singles from his upcoming promo, as yet untitled. “My Turn,” beats produced by Kid Dyno(promo only) and “If You Were Mine,” a Franz The Hybrid One beat, now available on and iTunes, and a collaboration with Metal 2 Music associated artist, The B.A.R.S. Crew, entitled “I Don’t Even Spend Dollars,” another Franz The Hybrid One beat. Available on, iTunes, and Spotify…so far
This artist has much to prove and is ready to make his mark in the music industry. He is motivated, determined, dedicated, ambitious, and consistent. Simply put..he is Black Earl. “# Get On It ” now available!