Introducing Relly Rellz

Relly Rellz was born in Brooklyn NY in a talented musical family of musicians. At the age of 5 he learned how to play the piano which soon became his ticket to producing. Relly Rellz have produced for many unsigned artist from New York City to Georgia. After working with so many rappers, he decided to try it out and executed well. At the age of 16 he began to build a flow that would seperate his unique sound from the rest. He also started writing songs for singers. Laying down skeletons of songs in the studio, Relly Rellz decided to present this diversity to his frequent listeners on social networks. With the dream of grabbing the world, he put together his First Mixtape, “The Relly-Tape”, and created his own College Tour (So WatsupWatsup Tour) and hit the road. Relly Rellz is currently traveling City to City with his ALL GIRLS BAND (Sisters) Making a name for his self and growing a large young fanbase independently

You can check out King Shit below: