Introducing Roe Gang

Chadrick Roe (born November 28, 1993), also known as Roe Gang, an up and coming hip-hop recording artist/songwriter born and raised in Rochester, New York. In November 2014 he linked up with Hoodaffairs DVD to shoot his first official video, “Acting Fake.” He has appeared on “Survival of the Trillest” mixtape hosted by DJ Sr and Mixtape Monopoly with song called “Watch Me Work” featuring fellow artist Booder.

He has also been recognized on with his SINGLE “More to Life” for the December 2014 Unsigned and Unheard article.

The meaning of Roe Gang is the importance of family, the beginning of a new legacy. He is a part of Streetteam Ent which was formed by his older brother Alden Street who is also his manager. He first started recording at the age of 13 with other Local artists in a group called PLF. In the summer of 2014 he began to take his musical talent serious and turn it into a career instead of a hobby.