Introducing Artist ‘Slim Goody’

Despite the overabundance of rap artists emerging from the “music city”, Atlanta,GA, Slim Goody still remains unique. His individuality and artistic mind, raised his popularity over his Dirty South competition. Although his music career developed in Atlanta, he was born in Chicago, IL on July 20,1984. Making music became an early hobby, from playing the piano throughout grade school. By the time he was in high school he had already mastered piano and snare drum, favouring in the genre of jazz. At the age of 18, he moved to Atlanta to further his career in music.

In 2004, for the first time his Atlanta family learnt of his musical talents and began entering him in weekly open mics around southside Atlanta. His older brother, Derrick Lewis, whom he.calls “Pop”, purchased studio equipment so that he could produce and record his own songs. Later, forming two groups “First Born” then “Goodfellas”, managed by his brother Derrick Lewis, he performed at many musical events around Atlanta as, Atlanta Music Conference and Power Fest. Slim Goody later found his comfort as a solo artist nick-naming himself “Chi-City Rebel”. Moving from Chicago to Atlanta to California, to Oklahoma, Goody inherited the respect and different music styles of each area, which only boosted his own creative ideas in music and lyrics.

Being independent in thought and action; exhibiting such independence, “Maverick”, titled of Goodys first solo album, which he also produced, won him more shows, production sells, magazine interviews, radio plays, and distribution opportunities. “Maverick” includes singles “Something You Should Know” featuring Libido Ink, “Rock-n-Rollin”, “Chi Lights”, and “Who is She”.
Slim Goody is currently pushing his new album “Maverick”, touring from state to state, becoming more well-known, collaborating with major artist, selling tracks, and awaiting his moment to be claimed as The Best musician/producer/lyricist/artist of his time.