Introducing Prince Canon

When you want to know where the next big thing in hip hop is, head to Richmond, Virginia and ask for Prince Canon. We kick off our trip with Canon’s music with “Inception.” It has this very ‘70s heading into “Sesame Street” feel to it. It sounds distant but then that classic, smooth hip hop beat drops in and that intro takes a tiny backseat. Smooth, it’s clear that’s what this emcee is all about as we trek on into “Benjamin.” We head a little more towards the beat with “Plot Twist.” That was ironic but moving on, “Into the Mind of Will” sounds like a music box opened at the start of a scary movie to build suspense.

Then Canon comes in and takes over but not enough to ignore the spine tingling feel of the music in the background. Ending on a high note, “Versace” flows hard and comes out of the gate strong. It’s the icing on the cake and you should take a bite and check out Prince Canon today.