Introducing Nizz Sentine

Nizz Sentine is an MC born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in Jersey City, NJ. In the vain of rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Common, Sentine used to be a poet, so the transition into rhythmic poetry wasn’t an arduous task. “I always had a love and respect for hip hop. I was expressing my love for it at the time by writing poetry and dancing. I didn’t have the confidence to rap at the time. During this time I was in high school, G-Unit was popular. Gangsta rap was in and it was all people wanted to hear at the time. I’m not like that though and I’m not about to rap about a life I have not lived. As I grew I started practicing my poetry in rap format and I always asked for my friends opinions and got positive feedback. However, the 1st time I recorded myself and played it back I was disappointed. I did not like my voice as a rapper. So I spent a year not recording but developing a sound and a rhyme style. After I developed these things I then had to develop confidence and afterwards a stage presence. ”

He credits hip hop legends such as LL Cool J, The Notorious B. I. G., The Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest as his inspiration of becoming an MC. “LL Cool is perhaps the biggest influence on me because for starters he has been rocking mics since he was like 12, he’s been under Def Jam as its first official artists at 16 years of age competing with artists/peers Run DMC, who were practically rap gods at the time. Also, he was able to adapt to every decade. Whether it was the early 1980’s in the break dance era, the 1990’s during the east coast/west coast beef or in the 2000’s when artists like G unit were on the rise. I think was I admire most about LL is that he was able to conquer rap without rhyming about guns and being a thug, which made his music more easier for me to be able to relate to. Lastly, everyone who tried to challenge him in battle has lost from MC Hammer, Ice T, Kool Moe Dee, and even the lyrically gifted Canibus. ”

On the open mic circuit Sentine, displays vibrant and vigorous energy and conviction to the crowd. He combines his knowledge, humor, and life experiences, to deliver music that is witty, unique, honest, and hard hitting. “When I am on stage my objective 1st and foremost is to show you that that your attention belongs to me once I hit that stage. Putting on an amazing show is important to me because I never want anyone’s time to be in vain meaning the time I took to write whatever song I’m performing and the time that the audience took to even show up to my show. I know plenty of artists who can spit but don’t know how to bring that same energy and precision on stage. I learn from the downfall of others. When others do things to destroy themselves on stage I take note.” Time and again Sentine has showed that he is beyond versatile not only showing appreciation to those with substance filled lyrics, but those who like to turn up and party. He is no stranger to a beat that can get the party started with freestyles over Young Dro’s “Fuck That Bitch” and Tyga’s “187” creating a track called “Nope” which Turn Up My Headphones of FSK Radio in Germany host Raven called it an “anthem for everyone who is a radio host, a blogger and is constantly approached by aspiring rappers to listen to their music” and she praised the song calling it “better than the original”. Nizz Sentine has appreciation for all forms of hip hop and it is shown in his music, whether rapping over a Madlib, or a DJ Mustard beat, Sentine proves that it’s great to be a skillful lyricist, but it’s great to have fun.

After dropping the crowd favorite song “Funny Time” and a series of freestyles Sentine, released his debut project “The Journal Square Tape” on Golden Era Music Group /OWL in 2014. With that project he solidified himself as one of the leaders of the new school in Jersey City, and he looks to become a voice of the generation. Whether it’s through his records or his stage presence you know that Nizz Sentine is about the craft, love, and appreciation of Hip Hop and music.

Currently Nizz is getting featured on fellow Jersey City artists’ works, as well as working on the follow-up to “The Journal Square Tape” called “Easily Distracted” that is coming later this year or early 2016
[Written By: Charles Bowers | Golden Era Music Group LLC]