Introducing Corey Coka

Corey Coka is a Denver native that started making music at age 15. He formed a group with his friend Ricky Jewelz aka Ryan Alan in middle school and they called themselves ‘Cocaine Click.’ After several years of putting out music together, Corey Coka released several solo mixtapes leading to his first major viral release entitled ‘Classic Crackery’ volume 1-2 hosted by Dj Wats. Dj Wats and Corey Coka also introduced the world to the much anticipated instrumental mixtape series ‘Cokestrumentals’ volume 1-3 setting a new standard for Denver artist as well as producers. With his latest worldwide release of ‘Blacc Ashes’ mixtape hosted by Dj Suspense, Dj Mellz 1017, and Dj Lyrical, Corey Coka is on the verge of paving his way into the industry and setting the bars high for Denver,Colorado. Also be on the lookout for (CEO) Corey Coka’s upcoming label ‘Dirty Guns Mafia Ent.” appearing his first artist (President of #DGME) A-Roc aka Serious Ali. Be sure to download A-Roc’s latest mixtape ‘M.M.M’ on