Buxaburn “The Distance”

Buxaburn (aka Warbux) is a Hip Hop recording artist from Santa Ana, CA, promoting his new album: Buxaburn “The Distance”. Produced by Bo’kem Allah. Bux has been recording since 1992, and its evident to see, experience has done him well. The seasoned veteran, is heavily influenced by Reggae, Funk, Rock n Roll, Blues and Soul. Once being a member of a Rock Band, and a Gangster Rap Group at the same time, makes Bux a very dynamic-socially aware, and street-smart artist. One who blesses the music with message, but manages to have fun at the same time. You will hear multiple styles of MC’ing, and a very high level of skill, energy, and delivery, when tuning into Buxaburn.

The first Single and Video off the LP “The Distance” is entitled Buxaburn “Skeleton Walk” feat. Bo’kem Allah. “Skeleton Walk” is the quintessential Hip Hop Lives song, with classic Boom Bap production from Bo’kem Allah, and lyrics from Bux like: “If Hip Hop is dead, Im calling the shot Hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk”