Introducing Duke

I am a independent artist “Duke” that producer my music over social media via submission that, I earn feature for a post on the web site of the website that show artist music. I have One Thousand plus features/radio, on the internet service,I still work every day for more. They our social media radio stations and web site that give unsigned promotion.

The social media site that I am post on our twitter, Facebook & different website that host promotion for unsigned. Also blog for promotion for artist.I am also posted on different website for mix tape promotion whit different artist featured on mix tape.

I have played on the Great British, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Africa, South Africa. International internet Radio stations, whit the same social media site as twitter.The promotion company Mix Tape website also gives features for the songs that I submit to the mix tape promotion company website. Mix Tapes that feature me and other artist in the music genres of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B & instrumentals. Having number of download’s of my song’s downloaded off the promotion company Mix Tape website.