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Tommy Danger - The Now and Laterman

Interview with ‘Tommy Danger – The Now and Laterman’

Tommy Danger - The Now and Laterman Harlem based Rap Artist Tommy Danger - The Now and Laterman gave Now and Laters at Local Hip Hop events in exchange for...

Interivew with ‘L-Storm’

Bx born Harlem raised L-storm NY artist telling my story over different instrumentals! Where are you from? New York City How long have you been making music? I've been making music for about...
Introducing Rapper 'Jon Harris'

Introducing Rapper ‘Jon Harris’

Jon Harris is a rapper and record producer from New York. He was born in Manhattan, NY, moved to the Bronx, but lived the majority of his life in...
Introducing Jahdia Lenee

Introducing Jahdia Lenee

Introducing Jahdia Lenee Jahdia Lenee is a talented singer from Detroit, Michigan. She’s been performing and writing music since she was little kid. Her affinity with showbiz was clear from...
Introducing 'Elder-Son'

Introducing ‘Elder-Son’

Introducing 'Elder-Son' Elder-Son was born in not the best part of Las Vegas. Crawling out of the depths of hell he decides to serve his country while rapping in the...
Introducing 'Ultra Rai'

Introducing ‘Ultra Rai’

Introducing 'Ultra Rai' Ultra Rai is a Rap artist with a really broad creative approach. His style is all about making art, and channeling the power of the golden age...
Interview with Tropacana Mane

Interview with Tropacana Mane

Interview with Tropacana Mane Tropacana Mane is a rapper and former EDM Manager with Unfldmgmt. A levelheaded hustler, he represents the struggle faced by African American males growing up on...
Introducing 'Queen Dej'

Introducing ‘Queen Dej’

Introducing 'Queen Dej' Born 08/89' in Windsor, ON to an American Dad and a Canadian born mother. Growing up lower than middle class, and not seeing eye to eye with parents...
Introducing 'Jon Cash'

Introducing ‘Jon Cash’

Introducing 'Jon Cash' Juan Flores Jr, born August 2, 1990, stage name Jon Cash 1000 aka SloMo 1000 is an American Rapper, singer and song writer. Born in Washington State...
T.S DA BEST is set to release his new tape 'Pain and Loyalty'

T.S DA BEST is set to release his new tape ‘Pain and Loyalty’

T.S DA BEST is set to release his new tape 'Pain and Loyalty' Tahj Imere Ford, aka T.S DA BEST, is one of New Jersey's underground music gems! Consistently putting...


donSMITH – Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From

ALBUM PREMIERE: donSMITH - “DON’T ASK ME WHERE I’M FROM” Talented Lyricist Building on Impressive Debut with Latest Delivery "Don't Ask Me Where I'm From" is...

JITT – Pro Era

New video release for “Pro Era” by JITT.  Full video out now on Youtube PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

Ody Trendsetta – Fade

Ody Trendsetta introduces his brand new single release, 'Fade' Fade will be the first major single release from Hip Hop artist Ody Trendsetta. The song...

Ruciano x Staacks – Level Up

Classy Silhouette – I Don’t Mess With You feat Nena Marcella

Classy Silhouette present the visuals for, 'I Don't Mess With You' featuring Nena Marcella Classy Silhouette is a female singer songwriter and producer and CEO...

Minnie Carter – POWER

Minnie Carter proudly presents her most popular single to date, 'POWER' It is the perfect song for the times we are living in. It's message...