Brandon Randolph – Don’t You Know ft. Madeleine Morey

“Don’t You Know” is a new track from Brandon Randolph and Madeleine Morey that is sure to have you humming it’s catchy melody! FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM...

Pop Vinci – Trying To Live

Pop Vinci drops his new hot single ‘Trying To Live’  which is available on every major digital store. This song is everything a women wants to hear when she...

Owen Amsler – O.Atypical

This is my…thousandth mixtape I think, a collection of broken records from the last year featuring mostly my own production with some assists from key wingmen. Although the point...

E.M.E. BrotherHood – Couch Lock

Brand New Tape From E.M.E. Brotherhood And Winners Circle Music. 10 Tracks Of Fire titled ‘Couch Lock’ Purchase ‘Get You Lookin’ At The Best Here FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...

Chosen1 – #90sbabiesparadise

Atlanta, GA – Opening with a sample from Teen Nick’s classic All That and full of pop culture references, “#90sbabiesparadise,” is a high-energy summer track with the kids of...

Diablo Flamez – Duct Tape & Coffee Grounds

On the heels of his hit anthem “Titanic”, Baltimore’s Diablo Flamez releases his debut album Duct Tape & Coffee Grounds. It features Royce Rizzy, Jelly Roll, Lil Mook and...

LoudMouth Kang – First Dates & 808s

First Dates & 808s – recorded and produced by Loudmouth Kang from West Palm, Florida. Made at the Loudmouth recording studio in Boca Raton. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Fetti Profoun – Thought Criminal

Fetti Profoun has been a well-known rapper in the Phoenix, AZ hip-hop scene since his debut in 2006. As he matured as an artist his music progressed from a...

illsaye – I Heard

illsaye – I Heard: A artist out of Toledo, Ohio, coming with some fresh music looking to shed some light on this small city by word of mouth… FOLLOW ON: TWITTER

Solomon Vaughn – Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn

‘Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn’ is a self-produced, “one-man-does-all”, genre-bending progressive hip-hop album with unique blends of funk, blues, soul, jazz, psychedelic rock and pop. This highly musical and...


Cabes the Realist - Game Changervideo

Cabes the Realist – Game Changer

Cabes the Realist presenting his new single, 'Game Changer' Hi my name is Cabes the Realist from State College , PA. I'm 27 years old...

Kvnashi – The One

Check out the new single, 'The One' released by Kvnashi Basically a heartbreak song   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM 
Mizz Ty feat Tom Gist - Let's Talk Aboutvideo

Mizz Ty feat Tom Gist – Let’s Talk About

Mizz Ty presenting the visuals for, 'Let's Talk About' feat Tom Gist  Mizz Ty is a female teenage rapper. She writes all her own lyrics....


Check out GLBXSLIME FT T-HENN - NO WAR WIT US by Jay Niff New Music & Free Downloads By Toledo Ohio Artist Jay Niff
Keilo - Location

Keilo – Location

Keilo presenting her exciting new single, 'Location' Aye if y'all like good music then you will listen to this PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK 
Lil Drip - Drip’ Balenci

Lil Drip – Drip’ Balenci

Lil Drip releases his first single, 'Drip’ Balenci' on all platforms! Lil Drip - Drip’ Balenci   PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM