The Top 5 Eminem Albums

Since Kamikaze is now certified platinum, is Eminem the greatest rapper alive? The JLATop5 is back to discuss Eminem’s Top 5 Albums.   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM


Beats Bus records - No More Knivesvideo

Beats Bus records – No More Knives

Beats Bus records presenting the visuals for the new single: No More Knives The UKs first interactive music video to support the no more knives...

Rec Riddles – More Dead Bodies

Newark, NJ born, St. Louis based hip hop artist Rec Riddles drops erie new visuals entitled "More Dead Bodies". Rec teams up with frequent...
Robert Manigault - Ten Years Of My Life

Robert Manigault – Ten Years Of My Life

Robert Manigault presenting his new song, 'Ten Years Of My Life' This track incorporates elements of soul, R&B and techno-funk. Written, produced and arranged by...
Milly Teflondon - Freak Bxtch

Milly Teflondon – Freak Bxtch

Milly Teflondon releases his new single, 'Freak Bxtch' This is a song praising the very freaky girls in the world FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
TajMilli & Nancytnts - I’m So Guccivideo

TajMilli & Nancytnts – I’m So Gucci

TajMilli & Nancytnts presenting the visuals for their single, 'I’m So Gucci'  TajMilli & Nancytnts back with another one Gucci off the Euromerrica Album🔥🔥🔥 bump...
Mi$tuh G feat. E-Moe - Workvideo

Mi$tuh G feat. E-Moe – Work

Sacramento, California artist Mi$tuh G drops his brand new video “Work”, featuring music veteran E-Moe off of his self produced album G Files available...