Intellect – Your Eyes (Review)

Check out this music review of new single titled ‘Your Eyes’ release by Intellect 

As the stage name of the artist might suggest, Intellect really puts a lot of thought into each and every single track he releases, and his most recent studio effort, “Your Eyes,” is nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to the richly detailed feel of the production, and the amazing tone of this release as a whole.

The drum beat immediately stands out for its really gritty and heavy feel, and it sounds absolutely massive, with a nice old school feel. In addition to that, the other instruments bring a lot of melodies and textures to the table, ranging from funky phrasings, to cool synth swells and many other ideas. I particularly love the flute-like sounds, which really interplay between the vocal lines, filling in the spaces in a very special way.

The vocals sit perfectly within the mix, and they suit the tone and style of the production. The voice recordings are cleverly layered and interestingly performed, making for a very direct and embracing feel.


Intellect comes with a whole new sound to set himself apart from the rest of the hip-hop world. Something classy, jazzy, and smooth; “Veteran’s Day” produced by Madd Frequency and “Truth About ~Lect” produced by Insane Beatzzz give a raw, personally uncensored, look into his life and experiences. Born in Pensacola, FL, Intellect has traveled the entire world and is a proud Veteran Service Member.

He has also worked as an editorial clothing model in SOHO, NYC for Beau Brummel and ARI clothing Inc. and appeared on Allison Weiner’s Media Mayhem. He is currently a Consultant/Trainer/On-Air Talent for XG Productions. Using his life experiences, he helped bring together Season 2 of ABC’s hit show Quantico and has recently consulted and stared in the pilot for NBC’s new series The Enemy Within, and has now been named the permanent Technical Advisor! Intellect goes back to the essence of what being a M.C. means. You know smooth, melodic, intellectual music speaking on life, love and everything in between…”Real” hip-hop!