Trav Murray & Trinity Rose – What You Said (Review)

Trav Murray & Trinity Rose collaborated on a new release: What You Said.

June 2021 – Trav Murray is an artist and songwriter who definitely sets the bar higher with his unique sound and one-of-a-kind creativity. Recently, he collaborated with Trinity Rose on a new song titled “What You Said.” As they say, alone is good, but together is best. The strength of this artistic collaboration is amazing, and the song brings some melody to the audience in the form of Trinity’s amazing vocals.

The sound of this song might remind you of artists such as Kanye West, Jay Z, or Kendrick Lamar, and What You Said is quite distinctive for its ability to combine high energy with a smooth production that feels accomplished and spontaneous. The release is a really good example of the artist’s flow, and if it serves as any indication, we’re definitely in for something quite special. This is another exciting chapter in the creative journey of this amazing studio artist, and we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

Find out more about Trav and Trinity, and do not miss out on What You Said, which is now available for listening on some of the very best digital music streaming platforms on the web!