Aynjewl Faycc – Do Ya Dance

Do Ya Dance by Aynjewl Faycc 

Late Night Strip Club Appearance For DIY Music Video Shoot “Do Ya Dance”

As a true independent artist, Female Rapper Aynjewl Faycc shoots and edits her own videos with an occasional moving cam op. After working a 12-hour overnight shift, and then four hours at another position, she was determined to get her hair braided and shoot two music videos. By the time her hair was done she was already stressed because her idea for the first shoot included the sun— and it was setting!

Regardless of the changing circumstances, shoot number one got completed but Faycc was beat. The hour was 12am; however, since the next shoot involved the strip club, (they are open late) it was decided a nap could be appropriated. Of course one hour sleep was not going to be enough, so she overslept and made it two.

Feeling defeated, she decided that it was better to try and do the shoot regardless of the club closing time of 3am. After getting ready, she literally left with ten minutes to get the the club. A little after closing, the door person was gone and Faycc just walked right in with her tripod, found a girl and got the shot!

Her message was what she remembered from the story “The Little Engine That Could” or the poster in her room as child that said, “You never know what you can do, until you try”. The most important thing she has learned from her drive to do music is that, “You just gutta do it.” —Nike could not have said it better!

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