Fonz – Whats Love (Review)

Fonz - Whats Love (Review)
[MUSIC REVIEW] Fonz presents: Whats Love


November 2020 – Fonz is an artist with a very distinctive take on modern hip-hop. His sound features many melodic elements, but his lyrical flow is sharp and on point, and it could be compared to some of the greats of the past, including performers such as Biggie Smalls, as well as Nas or Big L, only to mention a few. Fonz recently released a brand new song titled “Whats Love.” This one features a cool modulated acoustic guitar part and a trap-inspired drum beat,

Find out more about Fonz, and listen to “Whats Love” and other songs from this talented recording artist, who is definitely on the road to something great with his music. Fonz has got something that most aspiring rappers lack: a winning personality and a unique approach to his artistry, making his music all the more special. Somewhere in between melody and punch, his voice is memorable and it is perfectly well-suited to the style of this amazing new beat. The chill flavor of the song is truly astonishing as well, appealing to a broad audience.