Bigg Erupt – Timeless Music

Bigg Erupt has recently released a new single: Timeless Music.

November 2022 – Bigg Erupt is an artist with a focus on crafting hard-hitting and impactful hip-hop music. Speaking of which, the artist has recently released a brand new single named “Timeless Music.”

As the title of this release might suggest, the sound of this piece of music is nothing short of iconic, representing some of hip-hop’s most interesting sounds and influences under a whole different scope.

At times as emphatic as the golden age of the genre, at times as innovative as today’s best hip-hop, Timeless Music is a winning release from an artist who knows what it takes to really set the bar higher in terms of creativity and fan engagement. If this is any indication, the artist is definitely going to be up to some great things here.

Find out more about Bigg Erupt, and listen to his most recent song, “Timeless Music.”