Old Skool Queene – GET YOUR ROLL ON 2

itsHIPHOPmusic brings to you ‘GET YOUR ROLL ON 2’ by Old Skool Queene:

Old Skool QueenE is a Poet first and Independent Singer-Songwriter not yet signed with a Label out of Washington, D.C. She has been writing and producing music since her early days in the 1990s starting with her teenage daughters who formed a group back then but never materialized before heading off to college.

This Song Track is a go-go pop sound dedicated to all Rollerskaters across the globe and to Line Dancers is the extended version included on Old Skool QueenE’s new Album to be released year 2023. It is one of two songs specifically written and produced for Rollerskaters. The other pop genre Rollerskate track on the upcoming Album is called Trios.

In addition to the three or four go-go pop songs on this new Album, she adds several R&B genre songs that are her favorites. Queene grew up under the influence of the Motown R&B sounds and her love for this genre shines in these tracks.

You can show your love and support for this struggling Independent Artist with a download to share. And you can look to support her Podcasts called “OldSkoolQueenE’s Podcast” that features Sunday Worships and her Topic Tuesday old school talks to the Millennial New School.