Vanity – Dessert (feat. Juwelz) (Review)

Vanity - Dessert (feat. Juwelz) (Review)

Check out this review of the new single ‘Dessert’ released by Vanity feat. Juwelz

Modern hip-hop at its finest.

Great rap music is all about personality, and setting the bar higher. Rap artist Vanity set out to accomplish just that with a really groundbreaking formula and visionary spirit. Recently, Vanity sets out to join forces with collaborator Juwelz, creating a driven, distinctive and unique track. Together, they gave life to an excellent single titled “Dessert.”

Whenever you think about a dessert, you probably think of something like a guilty pleasure. A delicious, indulgent and fantastic treat that makes you feel good. This song is just like a good dessert: pure endorphin for your brain! The melodies are juicy and memorable, and the beats are rich and creamy, giving the song a silky-smooth flavor. In addition to that, the vocal delivery is absolutely spotless, going for a catchy, dynamic and infectious tone.

I would definitely recommend listening to this one if you are a fan of modern hip-hop music, but lovers of the classic era of the genre will also love Vanity’s work. “Dessert” is just too good to pass up!

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