Old Skool QueenE – My Valentine Love

Old Skool QueenE - My Valentine Love

Old Skool QueenE introducing brand new hip-hop release: My Valentine Love

2019 has been here for barely over a week, yet it is already a really inspiring time for female rap artists. Many new performers are rising up and gaining recognition, bringing a true breath of fresh air in the rap community.

Old Skool QueenE is definitely one of the most promising female rappers to come out with new music right now. Her long-awaited new single, “My Valentine Love,” is a striking combination of soulful melodies and unique grooves. Her music seamlessly bridges the gaps between R&B and Hip-Hop, bringing the best of both worlds together in a very special way. Old Skool QueenE is a big fan of great Motown classics, but her sound is also inspired by the 90s music scene, with its huge production aesthetics and groundbreaking melodies!

This sultry track is all about sedition, poetry and love, and it is a great way to highlight her upfront attitude and broad appeal. “My Valentine Love” is currently available on Soundcloud, but she also released a fantastic matching music video to accompany the song.