The producer Nathaniel Dean (Review)

The producer Nathaniel Dean (Review)

Introducing Nathaniel Dean: an up & coming producer and beat maker with a unique twist.

These days, producers are a dime a dozen, and every kid with a laptop calls himself a beat maker overnight. However, some of them actually have a life-long passion for music, and their skills are rooted in constant research, and a drive to create amazing beats in different styles. This is definitely the case of Nathaniel Dean. As a beat maker, he loves to great songs that combine punchy aesthetics with deeper atmospheres, making for a really immersive listening experience.

Inspired by hip-hop masters such as J Dilla, and other beat-makers with a more modern twist, Nathaniel Dean knows how to bring a unique ebb and flow to his music, often blurring the lines between the warmth of old-school rap and the astonishing clarity of modern productions.

His seamless production process has that elusive human component to it, making his work all the more memorable.

You can check out all of Nathaniel Dean’s work on his Instagram