Stephh Versace – Notice (Review)

Check out itsHIPHOPmusic’s review of ‘Stephh Versace – Notice (feat. Micahfonecheck)’:

Stephh Versace recently released a brand new single titled “Notice.” This song also features a collaboration with rapper Micahfonecheck, who set out to bring a lot of grit and power to the song. The two created a unique chemistry within this release and it is really amazing to see how their managed to set the bar higher with some exciting melodies and epic vocal flows.

The phrasal patterns are intelligent and articulate, echoing the work of some of the best modern and old-school rappers in the game. However, this production also outshine the competition because its sound is killer, straight-forward and epic. The song combines melodic content with massive energy, and everything seems to be in the right place when considering the crafty arrangement.

Ultimately, “Notice” is a big, ambitious track that feels like a perfect calling card for an artist with a lot to say and a unique attitude. This is a highly recommended new release for fans of hip-hop, R&B, and more.

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