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Shaayz – Feelings/Whatever..

From Barbados to Montreal Shaayz presents us with an unexpected 2 track short story entitled: “Feelings/Whatever..” Where he claims the music speaks for itself. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

LoudMouth Kang – First Dates & 808s

First Dates & 808s – recorded and produced by Loudmouth Kang from West Palm, Florida. Made at the Loudmouth recording studio in Boca Raton. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Base AuraGammi – No One Else Freestyle

Base AuraGammi has just released this new freestyle titled “No One Else Freestyle”: Follow on: @BaseAura | @RubeAura | SOUNDCLOUD

Base AuraGammi – My City

Base AuraGammi is back again with this street track titled “My City” which has been produced by Omid G Follow on: @BaseAura | @RubeAura | SOUNDCLOUD

Fetti Profoun – Thought Criminal

Fetti Profoun has been a well-known rapper in the Phoenix, AZ hip-hop scene since his debut in 2006. As he matured as an artist his music progressed from a...

Sayso ft. Bibi Ross – Crusin’ Ruff

Crusin’ Ruff captures the vibes of family problems while trying to maintain. Featuring Bibi Ross from Portugal and the beat produced by Aaron Marques PURCHASE HERE

Base AuraGammi – Fake One

Base AuraGammi is back again with “Fake One” which has been produced by CasinoTroy313 Follow on: @BaseAura | @RubeAura | SOUNDCLOUD

illsaye – I Heard

illsaye – I Heard: A artist out of Toledo, Ohio, coming with some fresh music looking to shed some light on this small city by word of mouth… FOLLOW ON: TWITTER

Solomon Vaughn – Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn

‘Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn’ is a self-produced, “one-man-does-all”, genre-bending progressive hip-hop album with unique blends of funk, blues, soul, jazz, psychedelic rock and pop. This highly musical and...

Governor Brown – The Campaign Mixtape

Governor Brown brings to us The Campaign Mixtape which is hosted by Brucie B. The Campaign Mixtape consists of 23 songs and has several major features. Purchase your copy now...



T.Gambine – New Thing

T.Gambine announces the release of his new single, 'New Thing' T. Gambine is a remarkable individual, a talented artist and professional rapper specializing in Christian...
Ty Breezzyy Feat Mermy Mac - For Free

Ty Breezzyy Feat Mermy Mac – For Free

Ty Breezzyy has recently released a brand new single: For Free (Featuring Mermy Mac) October 2021 - Ty Breezzyy is an artist and songwriter who...

Mi$tuh G – Fuk Em All

Mi$tuh G is back with a brand new studio effort: Fuk Em All. October 2021 - Mi$tuh G has recently released one of his best...

Punish – Black on Black

Punish drops her new single, 'Black on Black' Black on Black is a song dedicated to your homies ,your hood having your back ,your family...

Samar – Black Tears

Samar PRESENTS: Black Tears Black Tears represents the struggle that black people go through in this world. PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK
JayDee Tha 1 - Hand's Up

JayDee Tha 1 – Hand’s Up

JayDee Tha 1 is here with his new E.P. "On My Feet" Featuring the hit 'Hands Up' Guaranteed to have your hand's Up. On...