Koo Hefner – If It Aint Golden


We bring to you ‘If It Aint Golden’ by Koo Hefner

Quentin “Koo Hefner” Blue grew up in 90s era Jersey City under the influence of his DJ father and drives his musical influences from the eclectic mix of East Coast rap and North Carolina stylings. As a child he snuck in his experience with his father’s audio equipment experimenting with beats and rhythms and even amateur work on karaoke. His earliest raps were on the streets and schoolyard bolstered by the people coming around to hear it.
The Definition of Perfect Emcees (D.O.P.E.) was the first group Koo had professionally associated himself with, a Marine group made of members from New Jersey and Florida. His time spent in California as a member of D.O.P.E. influenced his style and growth as an artist. After some buzz from southern California a stint with an Indie record label, the group parted ways and D.O.P.E. was disbanded. Koo returned to his roots in New Jersey after the group’s dissolution and service ended.
Quentin spent a year on hiatus working on his personal motivations and dedication to fitness. He returns to the music scene a new man confident in what he can produce.