DeionTheGreat – Cartoons ‘N’ VideoGames EP

DeionTheGreat – Cartoons ‘N’ VideoGames EP: Are you a fan of Adult Swim and/or Cartoon Network? Do you have a raunchy since of humor ? Love playing video games? If you said yes to any of these three questions then this artist is perfect for you. DeionTheGreat is a very peculiar individual; aimed to keep your attention there is no telling what he might say. His delivery and aggression are sure to keep the listeners intrigued. After spending most of his years in high school being socially awkward he was compelled to get a rise out of his peers… Unfortunately nothing worked until he discovered his rhyming skills during his junior year of high school. After dropping out (twice) he decided that he would rather spend the rest of his life expressing himself. His music incorporates everything from his arrogance to his comedic sensibility. What are you waiting for? Take the journey though the mind of a stoner.