Stephh Versace – Nasty (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Nasty ‘ released by Stephh Versace

Stephh Versace brings her A game on her most recent hip-hop singing, “Nasty.”

The song begins with a darker, yet very soothing and dream like atmosphere, provided by some amazing synth tones. The beat comes in soon after, going for that classic, punchy 808 feel. The snare/clap sounds are loud and aggressive, and the kick drum is so deep, it makes my room shake! The hi-hat game is amazing, with some great rolls, bringing a distinctive feel to the groove. Stephh has a lyrical flow that makes me think of old-school geniuses such as Missy Elliott, but she also has a more modern vibe, reminding me of artists like Bhad Bhabie, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, M.I.A. and more.

One of the most outstanding features of “Nasty” is the fact that the song is a great snapshot of Stephh’s personality as a rapper. She isn’t only fossilized in one style or rap, but she’d rather explore different ideas and creative directions, giving her music a more personal flavor that’s hard to compare to the work of other artists. Stephh Versace has what it takes to see her numbers growing, and attract a major crowd with her music.

Find out more about Stephh Versace and listen to “Nasty,” which is now available on Spotify:

Written by: Stephh Versace
Produced by: Yung Pear
Mixed by: Simon Cohen
Mastered by: Leon Zervos
Artwork by: @DGFXLA