Scott Joye – We Can Make It To The Top

Houston rapper Scott Joye announcing brand new single, “We Can Make It To The Top.”

Scott Joye is an artist, performer and songwriter based in Houston, TX.

His sound is deeply rooted in the world of hip-hop, but he is not afraid to explore melodic influences, such as neo-soul, pop and R&B. Scott’s most recent release is titled “We Can Make It To The Top” and it is a groundbreaking song with a positive attitude and a unique vibe. The song appeared on “Girlfriends” from the sought-after UPN/CW show. In addition to that, it’s taking the music scene by storm with its positive attitude and memorable hooks. Fans of artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar will absolutely adore this release, but it also echoes the work of legends like Prince, Michael Jackson, or Beyonce, only to mention a few!

“We Can Make It To The Top” is yet another landmark for Scott, who never stops improving his workflow and vision.

Don’t miss out on Scott Joye’s music and check out “We Can Make It To The Top” here