Benny Op – Twisted

Benny Op releasing massive new single, “Twisted.”

 When industrial and alternative music meet hip-hop.

Artist Benny Op is a talented musician from Hamilton, Ontario (Canada.) His groundbreaking approach to hip-hop isn’t exactly what you’d call traditional, in the best possible way! In fact, his wide range of influences echoes artists as diverse as Odd Future, Death Grips and Immortal Technique, while also finding inspiration in rock and industrial acts like Rob Zombie, The Misfits, and many others.

Recently, Benny set out to release a new savage track titled “Twisted.” The beat immediately takes the speakers by storm with a massive sonic assault, followed by some catchy melodies and Benny’s up-front vocal delivery.

While this song has a lot of energy, it combines its aggressive side with a more melodic textures, making for a really broad creative scope. Benny is a master at creating inventive lyrics with an outspoken vibe. His sound is one-of-a-kind and the artist’s vast range of influences says a lot about his willingness to break the rules and overcome genre limitations. The result? A unique sound to be proud of.

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