Ryan Soul – Up in the Clouds

Ryan Soul to release new single, “Up In The Clouds”

A modern rap song with melody and energy in equal doses.

Ryan Sound is a hip-hop artist based in London, England. His sound is modern and punchy, reminiscent of modern legends such as the late great Mac Miller, Lupe Fiasco, or J. Cole, only to mention but a few. Recently, Ryan hit the music scene with a brand new release named “Up In The Clouds.” This song has a really atmospheric textural background, which really comes to life when paired up with the track’s fat beats.

On top of it all, Ryan’s vocal delivery is truly astonishing. His lyrics are intelligible and insightful. Not only is his flow clear and punchy, but also witty and melodic, combining lush R&B influences with classic in-your-face rap. With such a driven combination of styles and ideas, you really can’t go wrong. The song has a really moody, introspective vibe, which also suits the mood of the video, showcasing the artist exploring various urban landscapes.

Find out more about Ryan Sound and don’t miss out on “Up In The Clouds,” and other astonishing releases from this talented performer.