Old Skool QueenE – God’s Angels

Old Skool Queene introducing new release: God’s Angels.

October 2020 – Old Skool Queene is a talented singer and songwriter based in Washington DC, USA. She is also a poet and she uses her lyrics in order to truly connect with the audience and share a positive message with the world. Her most recent music release is a release titled God’s Angels. This studio effort is particularly important for the artist, because it is inspired by the recent events that led to the BLM protests (Black Lives Matter) becoming so prominent in the world today.

This release has a beautiful message of hope and understanding, calling out for equality and respect for life, regardless of color, believe in social status. Old Skool Queene strongly believes that we are all god’s angels and that we all deserve to be treated as such. This release is gospel at its very best and it is all about sharing a much-needed positive message with the whole world. We need more artists like Old Skool Queene out there doing her part to inspire others!

Find out more about Old Skool Queene, and do not miss out on this wonderful new release, which is currently available on YouTube and other digital music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, and more.