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I am reaching out to who ever has a moment. My brother was locked up for a crime that was committed. This was my brother’s first time ever getting into any trouble and he was sentenced to 65 years. The sentence that was given was unfair and we are trying to raise money to help him get a fair trial. Please anything helps, we just want him to have an opportunity to right his wrongs and come home to his family after due process. The system has been over sentencing our African American men for the longest. He was young and he never had a record. As humans we ale mistakes. He deserves a second chance. It’s time for a change and it is time to come together. We also have shirts available. We use those proceeds in support of the efforts to bring him home!! Rather you pray for us or if you are able to donate, we thank you in advance! If you would like to donate using cash app the name is $YouMustTry.