Jay Stone – Why? (prod.colB) (Review)

Jay Stone - Why? (prod.colB) (Review)

Check out this music review of the new album,  “WHY” released by Jay Stone

Jay Stone recently teamed up with producer colB in order to unleash a brand new release, “WHY.” The project features 9 new tracks. Each song explores a different direction, revealing different influences and a very special open mindset that truly makes the whole release special.

The first song, “Hell-Oh,” has a tasteful R&B touch, with some jazzy melodies that make me think of some of Mac Miller’s best work. The following track, “Don’t,” is a rhythm-centric song with a really intriguing beat. The way the kick blends in with the percussion is really unique, and the vocal effects give the song a cool lo-fi feel.

“Artariez” has a really exciting tone, and this is one of the catchiest tracks on this release. The energy is at an all-time high, and I love the simple, yet memorable melodies. “Celestial Kings” has a dreamy melody, which almost sounds like a toy piano, blended in with a dirty beat and a very versatile lyrical flow. I love the organic sound of the song, and the lyrical sharpness of the verses!

“Rewind Pt. 2” combines somber piano melodies with vocal samples and tasteful arrangements, giving the album more room to breath. “Why You Doing It?” follows right after, with some experimental textures in the background, and a cool trap-inspired beat.

“A+” has a cool R&B hook, and it is another one of the catchiest songs on the release. I love its immediacy and relatable lyrics! “After Thoughts” is another piano-driven dog with huge melodies and a really different approach to the vocals, which boast more melody as well. This song is actually a tribute to Mac Miller, and it’s interesting to see, because i actually thought about Mac as an influence on this release before even reading that this song was meant as a tribute to this amazing artist who left us too soon!

“No” is yet another fantastic song with a more intimate feel and a charming touch, and a perfect closer to the album!

You can listen to “WHY” here