Introducing Fortune500Buk

Mom & Dad never had much but they gave me & my sister what they could. They raised a respectable young man but that still couldn’t keep the street life from luring me in eventually. Guess you can say that’s kind of where my harsh yet handsome & chivalrous lyric appeals come from. Fresno, California born and raised, 1988 was the year to be exact. Honor roll student up until high school, matter of fact had never even made a C up until that point. Funny how things change. I once thought it was cool to hang out in the streets and be involved in the “Fast Life” so we call it. Trust me I’m no angel I’ve had my fair share of tragic losses & failures. I’ve robbed, stolen, been shot at several times, & even been on the other side of the gun. But not until my daughter was born did that all change and make me the man that I am today. It all started at the age of 13 in my grandmothers living room in Westside Fresno. Who would’ve known that it could’ve ever turned into what is about to happen now. I wrote my first song that day called “Living Life Broke” with me on the verses and my sister singing the hook. I’ve always been in tune with music since a child I guess it’s just something that’s genetic.