Floy Dexx – Right Whine

Floy Dexx - Right Whine

Floy Dexx releases his latest project ‘Right Whine’ check it out here

The Global incursion of music has mad it possible for musicians to be heard on a global scale more now than before. One such artist is Floy Dexx who has blessed the world with his polished sound from the Caribbean. After several local radio hits , this hiphop-reggae artist is ready to show the world that he has talent and prowess to maneuver through the music community with developed skills. His current song “Right Whine” mixes a dancehall reggae beat with his soft and outspoken lyrics making the combination of the two yes “Right Whine”.

For the reggae communities worldwide, this echoes within the popularity of a cultural dance with the reggae bass and drums. Upcoming singles from this artist will leave a major impact on this business.