Djazel – Inkin’

Djazel - Inkin'

Djazel (pronounced Giselle) brings to us ‘Inkin’

She is a Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter who was born and raised in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

She’s a force to reckon with who writes, raps and sings to deliver powerful messages through her lyrical content with attitude and humour. “Yes, growing up I listened to Pop artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson but I also listened to a lot of Rap and Hip-Hop. The third CD I ever got was Marshall Mather’s LP. I begged my parents to get me that CD because I was like ten years-old and couldn’t buy it myself, but I got it. From there, I started listening to Dre, Nas, Jay-Z and it just went on from there. I loved to sing, I loved to write, I loved to rap, rhyme and emcee, I was always influenced by Hip-Hop culture, and I was always about trying to make a difference by helping other people, either by entertaining them or enlightening them, so it all just made sense.”