Devain Indigo – Glitch (Review)

Devain Indigo - Glitch (Review)

Devain Indigo paints a picture of cerebral sophistication on his newest single ‘Glitch’ which disconnects from the immediate reality put forth into the transcendental visionary conquest of this emerging artist’s creative voyages.

The heavily distorted crunchiness of this music manifests at every portion of this song with dusty arrangements to counter the chillingly dim soundscapes blasting through the stratosphere of imaginative ability.

The chaotic nature of the instrumental takes the listener on a journey through the universal end of the spectrum domineering through the face of musical adversity and consequential catastrophe. Likewise, this type of sound is impressionably imperious as there are perfectionist elements fusing the digital world with the ideology of organic/original texture.  Devain Indigo utilizes a myriad of inspirations to obtain the cohesiveness in its entirety to truly represent an untampered formulation of hip hop worth.

The supplemental artwork is another fascinating aspect of the music that adds to the artistic fluidity of Devain Indigo perfectly portraying “Glitch” in an accurate perception.

Indigo puts high expectations on his music to establish groundbreaking and viscerally unapologetic compositions that brand the trip hop community in a noble limelight exceeding the demands of impending gravity holding down the subgenre.

You can listen to ‘Glitch’ by Devain Indigo here:


Devain Indigo is an enigmatic up and coming artist from Philadelphia who continues to show that he just might be the new leader of the new school.