Bigg Erupt – I-95 Flexin Feat. Mike Smiff X Miashoota (Review)

Bigg Erupt - I-95 Flexin Feat. Mike Smiff X Miashoota (Review)

Big Erupt’s pyroclastic flow emerges from the deep underground cinematic scene of incomparable hip hop grunge into the airwaves of rap fanatics on his latest single I-95 Flexin with hardcore bars and unmatched collaborations.

The savvy wordsmanship of this rapper provides a descriptive index for rap conceptuality through the all-encompassing martial arts of witty and unpredictable rap bars. He makes the competition utterly dyslexic with captivating rhyme schemes and murderous production techniques.

The street rap fragrance is another added aspect to the music that provides an imaginative picturesque depiction of the genre with a lucid tenure. Furthermore, this consolidates the reality rap movement through a raider-like mentality to convey an honest projection of music amongst the masses.

The understated aggression portrayed on this single impales the nail in the coffin with an unprecedented and elegant finesse that raises the hip hop level to a higher platitude of creative involvement.

Destined hip hop fans will hope to see this single strike without hitting the fateful graveyard many independent artists falter under – I-95 Flexin has the potential to reap positive ground with dynamic capacities expanding towards multiple realms of influence while earning a stamp of respect for Big Erupt.

You can listen to ‘I-95 Flexin’ by Bigg Erupt Feat. Mike Smiff X Miashoota