Aynjewl Faycc – Celestial Currency

Femcee ”Angel Face” Describes Wealth As Celestial Currency

On May 07, 2021 the Female Rapper Aynjewl Faycc (pronounced ‘Angel Face’) lifted the veil on the music video for the main single off her upcoming album Celestial Currency. In January 2020 while the Celestial Currency release date was unknown, the video was filmed. After which, Faycc had created 40 new singles to market by December 2021 simultaneously working three jobs and going to school.

Due to her “celestial” currency, she was able to balance her life with time management. Many spiritual teachers mention wealth beginning within. Until the “rona” hit in March 2020, this was not something that Faycc practiced. It took losing two jobs to give her the time needed for inner healing that aligned self-actualization. Through this transformation, a deeper level of self-care surfaced and new manifestation techniques were practiced.

Celestial Currency was actually released via SoundCloud in 2019. A decision to release on SoundCloud “unmastered” to maintain “original” track versions was practiced. Adding “realness” to the music made songs “limited edition” and increased their value. Since the SoundCloud release of Celestial Currency, the outlook has changed. Faycc now drops distributed releases via SoundCloud with IRSC codes to track play counts.

When Celestial Currency was originally shared, there were groups of people who discouraged Faycc from having confidence in the track. However In October 2020 she performed the track for a controlled group of strangers who responded favorably by even repeating the lyrics throughout the evening. Celestial Currency has an upbeat vibe and expands on Faycc’s natural endurance to be persistent. It’s clear that Faycc is surrounded by Celestial Currency channeled by her innate abilities paired with spiritual awareness.