Aynjewl Faycc – Black Heart

Aynjewl Faycc presenting the visuals for, ‘Black Heart’

Caucasian Female Rapper Aynjewl Faycc Uses Black Face Paint for Black Heart Music Video

Aynjewl Faycc is pronounced (Angel Face), a name the rapper created when she was around 14-years-old, inspired by Ghostface. It has been three years since Faycc officially released ANY music and she’s beginning her new single-streak with Black Heart.

Black Heart will be the first single Faycc has EVER released and will be featured on her Black Heart Album set for release on April 16, 2021. In the meantime, check out a sample of Faycc’s music style by watching the Black Heart video that is now public!

This production was no easy task; most every aspect of it was developed and put into fruition solely by Faycc. She ordered props, designed fashions and sets, did the lighting, make up, videography/photography— and lets not forget the song itself, every aspect of that!

When people mention independent artists, Faycc is 100%. We really hope you will see the inner quality from the productions she shares with you. “It is in imperfectness that character emits and through imperfectness, we begin to recognize the truth.” — Aynjewl Faycc