ZMC – Searching feat. Richie Jones

ZMC - Searching feat. Richie Jones

Check out the new single ‘Searching’ by ZMC – feat. Richie Jones

My name is Zachary Cartwright, I’m a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Cleveland, OH. I go by ZMC, which stands for Zachary Man of Christ or Zachary Master of Ceremonies. Some of my hobbies include sports, huge WWE wrestling fan, video games, and of course, music.

There are a lot of artists that I listen to and that inspire me. But the main artist that inspired me to start rapping was Eminem. It was something about the way he told stories in his raps, I felt like I knew him. I found him to be very relatable. And that’s what I want to do with my music. As a christian artist, I want to portray my beliefs in my music in a way that’s relatable to other people.

I want to bring christian hip-hop to the mainstream level. I’m not necessarily here to preach or bible bash, but I definitely want to minister to others through my music. I’m not here to judge anyone else because of the life they live, I was living in the world not too long ago before I was saved. Grammy’s and all the awards and accolades that come with being a successful artist are nice. But if my music can help save someone else, and bring them to Christ, that’s how I’ll know I served my purpose. That’s what I really want at the end of the day.