Zay Spence – Fear (Review)

Zay Spence - Fear (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Fear’ released by Zay Spence

Zay Spence is a rap artist with a focus on creating personal music, which still feels very energetic and easy to relate to. His most recent single release is a song titled “Fear.”

This track is fueled by a punchy, gritty and in-your-face production, allowing Zay’s vocals to really stand out. In addition to that, he was also able to give the track a massive feel, but really experimenting with various styles and influences.

“Fear” kicks off with a moody, old-school beat, which makes me think of legendary artists like A Tribe Called Quest, or Wu Tang Clan, only to mention a few. I love the atmosphere of the beat, and the nocturnal vibe of the arrangement. Zay’s vocals are really edgy, with a cool, aggressive, yet mellow tone that suits the cool and collected groove of the beat. This track sounds like a gem from the golden age, almost as if you had discovered a great hidden music treasure digging through a crate of classic hip-hop 12” records. Everything in the arrangement is balanced to absolute perfection, and the song will be a heavy hitter for fans of modern and classic rap alike.

Listen to ‘Fear’ here


This song is my first ever recording. I’ve been rapping for about 4-5 months now and I love making music and talking about my life. This song fears speaks on my personal experiences in life while linking them to the struggles of the urban communities around the world and my own neighbourhood. Please listen closely to the lyrics and enjoy and tell a friend