+Yvng Pey+ – Cali Girls

+Yvng Pey+ - Cali Girls

+Yvng Pey+ – Cali Girls:

+YP+, better known as +Yvng Pey+, is a talented young rapper/songwriter {20} from a small town in Oklahoma, where he proudly reps in his song, ‘Shook.’ Mostly known for his early releases of ‘Lucky,’ and ‘Me Myself and the $,’ he is quickly becoming recognized around the country for his latest release of ‘Cali Girls.’ If you’re looking for an upbeat, party type song for Summer ’17, look no further than ‘Cali Girls.’ Blending the styles of hard underground rap, and more melodic singing rap, +Yvng Pey+ is quickly growing a fan base and making a name for himself in the music game. Be on the lookout for new releases from this young talent!