Yung Kota – Fuck Yo Drip (Review)

Yung Kota - Fuck Yo Drip (Review)

Check out the music review of the new single, ‘Fuck Yo Drip’ released by Yung Kota

 A direct, edgy and personable rap song with a massive attitude.

Rap artist Yung Kota is taking the hip-hop scene by storm with his one-of-a-kind vibes and unique attitude. His songs are unapologetic and direct, with massive sonic aesthetics and even deeper production excellence.

Recently, he released a brand new single known as “Fuck Yo Drip.” This song is just as upfront and unique as the title of this track might imply. The beat kicks in seamlessly, with a strong focus on the low end, but never giving up in terms of crystal-clear top end. As a result, this is a song that sounds modern, yet warm and punchy.

“Fuck Yo Drip” is an instant classic, and it should definitely join your heavy rotation, particularly if you are a fan of artists the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar or Lil Wayne, only to mention a few. With all the right elements, this song is definitely no filler, making for a really great introduction to Yung Kota’s massive sound and big personality.

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